jueves, 5 de marzo de 2015

Los materiales en tu deporte (fútbol).

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Terminologia deportiva - Nivel 1 (Bloque común). Trabajo "Los materiales en tu deporte"

My name is Jaume Pons Bestard, I am 24 years old and my specialty is football.
I have been football player for 14 years, and currently I am football coach. I began playing football when I was 5, because I found it an amazing sport and I really loved it. And, currently, I am football coach because I love teaching football and working with groups of people.
  1. This is a football pitch, where the football matches take place.
  2. This is artificial turf, where the football matches are played in, in almost all football pitches of the island.
  3.  This is a line, which limits the football pitch.
  4. This is the goal area, used by the goalkeeper in order to restart the match.
  5. This is the penalty area, from where football players keep the penalties.
  6. … and this is the penalty point.
  7. This is a corner, where the corner kick takes place.
  8. This is a ball, which is essential in order to play football.
  9. These are boots, which are the footwear used by football players.
  10. This is a whistle, which is used by the referee in order to indicate the actions, which are without the rules.
  11. This is the touch line, where the football players throw-in, in order to restart the game.
  12. This is a player, the main actor of the football.